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  • The South of England Hound Show: flying the flags...
    by The Field on 16/06/2019 at 09:08

    The South of England Hound Show, held in Sussex, is an illustrious celebration of the English foxhound and beagle, says Rory Knight BruceHeythrop Grapevine, Streamline, Stigma and Staple. The South […]

  • Fried spiced scones with cardamom and coconut
    by The Field on 14/06/2019 at 15:08

    Add some spice to your afternoon tea, try Philippa Davis' fried spiced scones with cardamom and coconutAdd spice to your scones - inspired by mandazi, fried African doughnuts. Nothing beats a fresh […]

  • Simulated shooting house parties
    by The Field on 03/06/2019 at 10:46

    Simulated days, once the sport’s equivalent of a driving range, have upped their game, offering many of the pleasures of a traditional shooting weekend – on a budget. Jamie Blackett […]

    • Beretta DT11 Trap Black Pro (TSK stock) - test...
      on 14/06/2019 at 15:38

      This visually stunning shotgun impressed Vic Harker with its endless adjustability and outstanding shooting performance in this detailed test and review […]

    • Guerini Invictus VII - tried & tested
      on 05/06/2019 at 14:05

      Stylish, with a clever modular design making it popular with competition shooters... the Guerini Invictus VII made an impression on Mike Yardley in this detailed review […]

    • Browning 525 LS - tried & tested
      on 15/05/2019 at 10:47

      This modernistic, ideally configured Browning 525 LS handles beautifully, and tester Mike Yardley finds he simply cannot miss a target with it in this detailed review […]

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