Venue: Westdown Farm

Time: 10:00 – 15:00

  1. Winner: Steve Trout 48/50
  2. Pool Shoot: Mike Ladd

An excellent day organised by John Biggins of business or club name to raise money for the CoppaFeel Charity with over 70 people and 50 guns in attendance the shoot raised £?????? for the fight against breast cancer. The shoot off was most interesting with fred bob dave moving the stand back some 150 feet just to make in interesting fred hit 2 out of 10 blah blah blah

Because we all have a Nan, Mum, Wife, Sister or Girlfriend.


As nuclear–bomb–sized curveballs go, this was right up there with the best of ’em. Discovering a lumpy boob in June 2008, Kris did the done thing and took it straight to her GP, being sent away on the basis that, at her young age, it was bound to be hormonal. Six months and a lovely stint of travelling later, the ‘hormones’ still remained – so, when Kris’s no–bullshit mum marched her right back to the GP, she demanded a referral. But of course there’d be nothing to worry about, because breast cancer is an older woman’s disease, right? Wrong.Eight months on, following a frustrating fight to discover just what the hell was happening beneath her bumpy bust, Kris discovered not only that she had breast cancer, but that it had spread to her spine. Kris was – is – at stage four, the most advanced type of cancer. There is no stage five. Read Kris Full Article